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Alfano V H(989-843-6053)
Lomprey Rosanne(989-683-2814)
Hartsell Jeff(989-683-2957)
Ashton Donald F(989-683-2439)
Guest David(989-683-3220)
McKenney Jody(989-683-3224)
Wargo M(989-683-2203)
Campbell Jerry(989-683-8075)
Mayer Russell(989-683-2746)
Pruett James(989-683-2424)
Schwarck Mark A(989-683-2810)
Cook Jerry M(989-635-7231)
Forbes Jacqueline(989-635-7338)
Forbes Scott(989-635-7338)
Lamotte Missionary Parsonage(989-635-2223)
Steele Gerald(989-635-2223)
Patrick Robert(989-635-3492)
Bennett J(989-635-6928)
Bennett S(989-635-6928)
St George Robert(989-635-4675)
Prusinski Robert(989-635-3172)
Rockwood R(989-635-3964)
Owens Clarence R(989-683-2622)
Childs Dale(989-683-2932)
Collins K E(989-683-2764)
Clapsaddle Cindy(989-683-2522)
Clapsaddle Jamie(989-683-2522)
Hranec Frank(989-683-2375)
Wojkiewicz John(989-683-3375)
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