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Grosse Pointe Yacht Club(313-647-0117)
Sheppard J W(313-882-6344)
Panourgias George(313-886-1537)
Argo Stuart(313-884-4171)
Mitchell Latrice(313-885-6122)
Horrie Patricia(313-343-0025)
Hacala Martin(313-882-7997)
Vancoppenolle Barbara(313-881-9672)
Carrier Charlyn(313-885-4969)
Macleod Lynn(313-886-0986)
Devine W P(313-417-0281)
Batts Brenda S(313-885-5448)
Batts John T(313-885-5448)
Schmidt Alvin F(313-884-5789)
Ruttinger Grant(313-884-7243)
Duross Robert J(313-884-9582)
Goltz Robert(313-885-7303)
Butler R E(313-882-6397)
Swor William(313-881-4530)
McDonald Patricia(313-882-4344)
Wells T(313-882-2919)
Peppler J(313-886-1289)
Raleigh Shirley(313-882-0240)
Devooght Brent(313-886-9160)
Devooght Kristen(313-886-9160)
Deangelis Antonia(313-881-6753)
Egan John Jr(313-885-9809)
Maday Matthew(313-647-0325)
Foerster Diane M(313-882-3694)
Foerster Thomas(313-882-3694)
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